Eclectic Ladyland is for girls who want to be rock stars one day and mermaids the next, flower children or 70s skater chicks, seapunks or 90s kids - whoever you feel like being today! Or maybe you just want to chuck on a t-shirt and jeans, the best outfit ever invented... Embrace all your sartorial personalities.

Our first bricks and mortar store is located in the coastal town of Albany, a few hours south of Perth. We can watch the water from our window! Plus, we are always listening to rad tunes and playing dress ups. Just look for our bright red door and come say hi.

Eclectic Ladyland is owned by Shannon Fox aka Foxy. Previously a radio presenter, DJ, and music writer, Foxy's musical inclinations inform her sartorial selections. So, the store is a culmination of her two loves - music and style. With such diverse taste, we offer outfits that would suit your folk records, indie gigs, dance festivals, or 90s CDs.

(Fun fact: the store is named after Jimi Hendrix' album Electric Ladyland and our first day open was on the 45th anniversary of the LPs release!)

You may also come across our other Eclectic Ladylanders. All super friendly, rad babes who will bend over backwards to help you.