Smells Like Teen Spirit March 18 2017, 0 Comments

We recently asked our Instagram followers to describe how they imagined Eclectic Ladyland would smell, and with such amazing answers, we want to document them forever!
Unicorn Shampoo
@bellebyvanbuerle: unicorn shampoo

Jimi Hendrix London Apartment
@emilyretsas: like Jimi Hendrix's London apartment

sequin forest
@misha.kuhn: sequinned forest

beach fruit salad
@gin_and_glitter: a rainbow fruit salad with vanilla custard on a hot summers day at the beach

musk sticks spice girls
@batfiend: musk sticks and special edition Spice Girls Impulse body spray

Cherry Vanilla
@megie_mpp_xo: vintage sex

neon wonderland
@hazelellamae: neon wonderland

baddie winkle
@fingergunsforhands: my grandmas house

@ashleighmarwick: grace and riot

artwork: pip and pop
@littledoveland: like... love sparkles happy fluffy rainbow land of fun
glitter and badassery
(artwork by Pip and Pop)

glitter bum
@lilian.slime: glitter and badassery

ambivelantly yours
@sophie_york: rebellion and ruckus
(artwork by Ambivalently Yours) 

rosy cheeks
@sleepy.soph: it smells like when you step outside in the morning and the cold hits your face, but then your cheeks begin to rose up

unicorn vomit
nire89: unicorn vomit

kitten bike
@sarah_tout: pink sherbet sprinkled on a marshmallow held in the mouth of a kitten, riding in the basket of a bitchin' bike, being ridden by a long-haired babe in flares

kate bush
@alicia_norval: a girl who listens to kate bush while shes daydreaming in her room, a sequinned dress with the scent of Saturday night adventures, kisses in bed with cute boys and with a layer of love and dreams

almost famous
@isobells: a pink twilight night, with the lanterns dancing in the breeze, shining on the girl who's dancing to that bowie song, with lips red, boots redder, with a whole lotta love for others

@ashleighmarwick: star dust